The MLSOK Tech Support Helpdesk is processing approximately 1200 to 1500 violations a week which is no small number!  Since rolling out Listing Data Checker (LDC), we’ve been able to see the pattern of which rules are broken most of the time.  We’ve compiled the most frequent compliance issues for your awareness.

Fair Housing violations are frequent.  This is pretty serious since Fair Housing violations aren’t just against MLSOK Rules and regulations, but are against the law!  Be aware!

Failure to change the status of your listings.  We have an exhorbent number of listings that remain in a Pending status which should be closed.  MLSOK Rules require a status change occur within two business days of the date it happens.  Inaccurate statuses lead to innacurate representation to the public.  This isn’t good for anyone.  These status change issues also reflect on our market statistics.  These statistics are reported at a national level and have an impact on national policies.

Prohibited Language in Public Remarks.  MLSOK Rules define Public Remarks as the physical attributes of the property.  That’s pretty exact.  That means no phone numbers, no builder’s name, no websites, no reference to websites, no company names, no reference to listing agent or office, no anything that isn’t the physical attribute of the property.   No being sneaky and trying to get a phone number into a different field either!  Contact information is automatically included in the correct fields.

The same applies for photos!  Photos can only be of the subject property.  Don’t have a picture of the house at this time?  Use a plat map, map location, or an archetectual rendering of the property.  You can’t have contact information or other marketing information imposed on the photo or within captions.  Under Construction photos aren’t allowed either.

Compensation Violations: If the listing is in the MLS, then the listing must offer a unilateral, unconditional offer of compensation.  This must be either a percentage of the GROSS selling price or a specified dollar amount.  While the MLS does not set the compensation rate (doing so is against the law-there is no average, standard, going rate for compensation; this is always a decision between the seller and the listing brokerage) listings MUST offer compensation in order to be entered into the MLS.

Violations classified as serious violations come with steep fines.  These include failing to enter a listing into the MLS within 2 business days of the commence date.   Holding on to that listing and not entering it into the MLS will get you a starting fine of $125 for the first offence.  If it’s ready to show (and only when it is ready to show) that listing needs to be entered and in an active status.

You can always find a copy of the MLSOK Rules and Regulations and the MLSOK Compliance Guidelines under the External Links widget on the homepage of Matrix.  Never hestitate to contact the MLSOK Tech Support Helpdesk for any compliance or general support needs!  We can be reached by email and by phone 405-841-5353.


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