There’s a new DataChecker in town….

There’s a new DataChecker in town….


With the roll-out of Matrix we also have a new version of Listing DataChecker, or LDC for short.  “What is DataChecker?” some of you may be asking.  Well, LDC is a behind-the-scenes software program that protects the integrity, quality, and accuracy of your listing content.  The automated system reviews both new and existing listings and notifies listing agents, office managers, and brokers of potential problems prompting for review and, when needed, update.

MLSOK approaches compliance like this: Protect the accuracy and integrity of the data first, and educate ­­the Participant/Subscriber second*.   The number one priority is to make sure that everyone is working with the cleanest, most accurate information possible.  This is your bread and butter!  Remember:  Garbage In means Garbage Out.  That is no good for anyone.    Right now, there’s some data “garbage” out there that really needs to be cleaned up.


Thpapere new version of LDC will have a “soft” roll-out Oct 20, 2015.  Some of the new functionality will include a link to report inaccuracies on individual listings.  It will be the “Report It” button.  You’ll also see a “Check It” button on all listing input forms so, before you submit a listing, you can validate it against MLSOK compliance guidelines.   If you have listings that require your attention, you’ll begin receiving LDC notices in your inbox on Oct 20th (and so will your broker and office manager).  LDC goes into full automation on Dec 1, 2015.



What does a “soft roll-out” mean?  It means we’re running a “No Questions Asked” grace period until the LDC full automation date of Dec 1, 2015.  The primary focus is data “garbage” clean-up.   Essentially, you have a “get out of jail free” pass to get in and clean house.   Listing status updates, signs in photos, contact information in any public remarks fields…Any correctable violation* will not be processed as a citation.  That doesn’t mean you can leave these things unchanged.

It means you will be notified to make corrections, and you make the corrections, but you won’t be processed through as a listing violation or receive a fine.  Yup, a fine.  Beginning Dec 1, 2015, any correctable violation not corrected within the 2 business day requirement will result in a fine. That’s money out of your pocket, which can lead to losing MLS access.  Nobody wants that.

Just remember: MLSOK Compliance is about the quality, accuracy, and integrity of the listing data.  Garbage In means Garbage Out.  A new version of LDC is coming October 20, 2015.  LDC will go fully automated December 1, 2015.  From now until December 1, 2015, you have a “No Questions Asked” grace period to clean house!  If you have any questions about MLSOK Rules and Regulations, never hesitate to contact the MLSOK Tech Support Helpdesk (  We are always happy to help!

Thank you all for your efforts to make MLSOK the best organization it can be!

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