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About TLCengine™

The True Lifestyle Cost™ of Owning a Home

The cost of owning a home is more than just a mortgage.  Using cutting-edge True Lifestyle Cost™ technology, you can now see how much that new home will cost per month, based on your unique lifestyle.

TLC  is an extraordinary search that pays special attention to all the factors that equal the actual cost of home ownership.   It is the only way to search if you want to fully understand all the real and the hidden costs of your new home, including commute, taxes, insurance rates, local gas prices—more than 30 lifestyle cost factors!



The TLCengine tool provides you with:

  • Personalized results that includes your actual commute times and costs
  • Easy to view home energy costs and property tax info
  • Results sorted by your lifestyle and the places that matter to you the most like nearby schools, golf courses, fitness centers, or even a favorite cafe

Sign up for your free account today in order to take advantage of these incredibly helpful, time-saving features.

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